To complement our extensive landscaping services, we provide the Durham/Raleigh area with drip irrigation to new landscaping and irrigation repair, as well as addressing drainage issues in your lawn. Whether you have a small garden, a large estate or something in between, we can help. Both are improvements that will enhance and protect your landscape investment for years to come.

Irrigation Services Offered:

  • We recommend the installation of drip irrigation for all new plantings. The hose is small and you can’t  even see it for the most part. An emitter is installed to provider water directly to the base of each plant. This is a conservation friendly way to water your new landscape and avoids putting water where it isn’t needed. We can attach directly to an existing system if you already have one or can simply attach it to your hose spigot with a timer so you won’t even have to remember to turn it on!
  • FGS can also provide repair services to your existing irrigation system including leak repair, head additions or replacements, etc.

Drainage Services Offered:

  • Tie in gutters and run water safely away from your house
  • Installation of catch basins to collect water and carry it underground to a determined area
  • Dry Creek beds
  • French Drains