Our Garden Center offers delivery and installation of bulk quantities of mulch, pine straw and topsoil.  All bulk purchases are delivery only, so please note that we do not load bulk soils and mulch products into customer trucks/trailers.  Customers can purchase bagged products at our Garden Center.

Minimum amounts for delivery are shown below:

Triple Shredded Hardwood Mulch and Pine Bark Nugget Mulch

$35/cu.yd.  (5 cu.yd. minimum for delivery)

$60/cu.yd installed (10 cu.yd. minimum)

Pine Straw

$5/bale (20 bale minimum for delivery)

$9/bale installed (40 bale minimum)


$40/cu.yd (4 cu.yd. minimum for delivery)


If you are interested in plant and bulk mulch/pine straw installation, you should contact our Landscape Design and Installation team.