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The Story of a Tomato

We’re past our last frost date and it is high time for planting out tomatoes. Whether you’ve grown your own from seed or plan to buy garden-ready seedlings, selecting varieties for your garden is always fun. Many of us have favorites we’ve grown ourselves or remember from our childhood. The renewed interest in heirloom tomato […]

Hot Annuals for 2017

What annuals are you going to try this summer? Every year there are new introductions and improved varieties. We’d love to share some of our favorite Hot Annuals for 2017. Trends over recent years continue to focus on long blooming, drought tolerant flowers – which we love.    SWEET CAROLINE Bewitched after Moonlight A brand […]

Now Open: the FGS Build-Your-Own Terrarium Station

  This spring, we are excited to introduce our Build-Your-Own Terrarium Station inside the retail shop. We have everything you need to make your own glassed garden – select a vessel from our variety of glass containers or bring your own – then add air plants, cute ferns and succulents, moss, stone, and sand. There’s no […]

April in the Garden

April is around the corner and hopefully you’ve already checked everything off your March to-do list in the garden. If not, HURRY! Read last month’s tips here. Now onward to spring!  Time for Planting -plant perennials and herbs, trees and shrubs -replace cold season annuals with warm season -plant summer bulbs like Dahlia -plant out […]

Today in Bloom…

Spring has officially sprung and the garden center is looking colorful again. Get inspired by a few of our favorite perennials in bloom right now: Iberis sempervirens – Candytuft This low growing evergreen looks great all year! The leaves are evergreen and it spreads densely but not aggressively. In spring, it’s covered with white flowers. Grow it […]

Spring Container Gardens

With all the warm weather we’ve been experiencing, I’m sure you’re aching for spring flowers and color like we are. Finally, it is time to fill our shelves with bright annuals and lush perennials! Whether you have a shady porch, or sunny patio, there are annuals to brighten up your space. Containers are great because […]

Garden Chores for March

At last: spring is here! It’s time to turn some attention back to your garden. Hopefully with this recent warm weather, you’ve had the itch to get out already and start weeding your beds. If not now is high time! Besides weeding, here are some other garden chores to focus on this month:   Fertilize […]

There’s a new look to our garden center!

If you haven’t visited us in a while, you’ll find some change to the inside of our garden center’s shop. Most of our offices have moved across the lake, allowing for larger retail space in the store. We think you’ll love the new look and expanded product lines.             We have a […]

Spring comes Early

  The Callery Pear is blooming in the garden center and the Weeping Willow is leafing out by the pond. It’s only February but the plant world has decided it’s spring apparently. Per North Carolina inevitability, it will probably skip back to winter again and freeze all the blossoms, so go with the flow, as they say, […]

What is that Yellow Flowering Shrub?

We are pleading for spring to arrive.  We received our first small shipment of early spring bloomers and adding to our inventory over the next few weeks. Our first new shipment of indoor plants will arrive March 2nd and hope to have Meyer’s lemon trees on the truck. In the meantime, hello Forsythia, with your […]