Wrap up your complete landscape package with our Lawn Maintenance program from your one-source provider throughout the Durham, Raleigh, NC areas. You kick back and relax while we do all the work. The FGS Crew makes their weekly visits on the same day. We stay dependable and predictable so that you’ll never have to worry about your maintenance needs. We are “plant people” who know how to provide the highest level of care to your landscape. We offer services for every season; mulching, mowing, weed & insect control, curative disease treatments, and even fall leaf removal.

Mowing Services

Our crews understand the importance of maintaining a proper mow height. Cutting at the right height for your turf keeps it healthy and naturally helps it combat weeds and diseases. Additionally, sharp blades are a must; delivering a clean cut mow increases the aesthetics and allows turf to heal more quickly.

Pruning Services

Dead-heading and selective pruning are just some of the many techniques our experts use to deliver expertly-manicured shrubs. Knowing how to trim plants is second only to knowing when to. Pruning a shrub or tree for optimal results is no easy task, and is best left to our professionals!

Turf & Shrub

Our proactive programs are designed to meet the seasonal needs of your plant material by applying fertilizers accurately and at precise times. Pre-Emergent weed control reduces crabgrass and weeds in your lawn, while preventative measures reduce the need for many pesticides in the first place!